Web Design – Psychology of Color

People experience colors differently and this is usually affected by the cultural background and personal associations. In web design, color is one of the most powerful elements. Psychologists claim that color impression can lead to the rejection or acceptance of products or services. The shopping habits of people are also affected by colors. Buyers who tend to purchase on impulse are encouraged with the colors royal blue, black, and red orange. For those who want to stick with their budgets, they usually respond to the colors navy or light blue, teal, and pink. Traditional buyers tend to react with sky blue, rose, and pink. You will have to learn to use the psychology of colors if you want to create an effective and attractive website. Here is a list of colors and their meanings:

Red – means courage, desire, determination, excitement, boldness, and strength

Orange – creativity, stimulation, affordability, cheerfulness, and enthusiasm

Yellow – energy, happiness, intellect, liveliness, comfort, attention-grabbing

Green – freshness, harmony, optimism, honesty, safety, reliability, and durability

Blue – trust, honor, reliability, loyalty, professionalism, stability, and depth

Purple – magic, elegance, royalty, mystery, luxury, nobility, and power

Gray – seriousness, intelligence, traditionalism, and conservatism

Brown – earthy, reassuring, casual, confident, relaxing, and endurance

Black – mystery, strength, formality, sophistication, and elegance

White – simplicity, innocence, peace, virginity, newness, purity, and cleanliness

If you want to create a website, you will have to know the meaning of colors and its relation to the reaction of people. You can use the internet to learn more about the psychology of colors or you can look for professional web designers. As mentioned earlier, you need to consider the items or products that you’re selling in order to choose the appropriate colors. Always keep in mind that it’s your website that comes face to face with the site users. The sales copy or contents will stand out on its own.

You have to use the right colors. Many site owners overlook this very important aspect but if you want to have a high traffic and successful site, you have to work on the colors right away. Make sure that you choose the appropriate color for the background, header, text, headlines, sub-headlines, and many others. Business websites should make use of white or blue backgrounds. For websites catering to pregnant mothers, you can use the pink color. If you’re selling food items, you can use the color red and for lawn or golf websites, you can use green. Make use of common sense. If you want the contents of your site to be readable, you have to use a white background and black text. To encourage site visitors to read the contents, you have to ensure that the colors you use are not eye-straining.

For instance, if the color of the texts is yellow and you use a white background, people will find it hard to read the text and so they will leave immediately and look for another site that can cater to their needs. Web design is not just about colors. This should be used together with other elements. These various elements will not stand out alone. Through the right combinations, you have an attractive website. Choose the right colors and have optimized content. If you can do this, you will be able to generate more visitors and higher sales.